Here are the stationery lists for 2018.  Please click on the classroom to download it.

Room 1 - NE to Year 2 - Mrs McMechan
Room 2 - Year 2 to Year 3 - Mrs Harris
Room 3 - Year 3 to Year 4 - Ms Sperring
Room 4 - Year 5 to Year 6 - Miss Tomich
Room 5 - Year 6 to Year 8 - Mr Bassett

Kaimai School Calf Club will be held on Saturday the 21st of October, the first Saturday of Term 4.  Whilst this is some time away it is important that you have the information on what Calf Club is all about so you can be prepared.   You can also use our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section too.  The FAQs are located at the bottom of this post.  

At Kaimai School Calf Club there are two divisions, indoor exhibits, and outdoor exhibits.  These are further explained below.  Students receive points for being placed in each exhibit.  These points go towards trophies and cups with the Scott Shield presented to the student who achieved the highest amount of points overall.  All cups and trophies are engraved with the winner’s name, the winning student is able to keep the cup or trophy for the year.

Students are expected to organize their indoor and outdoor exhibits at home.  Parents are able to help, however, the majority of the work is to be done by the child.  On the first Friday of term four, students will bring their indoor exhibits to school.  These will be displayed in the Community Hall ready for judging at 2:00pm.  This Friday is organised as a day where indoor exhibits are prepared and displayed.  Parents are more than welcome to come along and help their child during this time.  On the Saturday all outdoor exhibits are to be brought to school at 9:30am ready for judging.

Below are PDFs that explain how each exhibit works, what judges are looking for as well as tips to help ensure your animal is healthy and happy.

There are also many websites that will give you heaps of information too.   Click here  to find out some useful information about calf club.

PDFs (Click on a PDF document to read more about each competition)

Click  Common Diseases  to get some ideas on what to look out for to ensure that your calf, lamb or goat is stays healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is Calf Club?
Calf Club is held on the first Saturday of term 4 each year.  Calf Club outdoor judging starts at 10:00am on the Saturday, so if you have an animal you should be at Kaimai School by 9:30am.  Prize giving is at the conclusion of Calf Club, which is approximately at 2:00pm.  The Friday before Calf Club is used to prepare and display indoor exhibits.  Parents are more than welcome to attend school on Friday and help students and teachers put together any displays.  Calf Club indoor judging starts at 2:00pm on Friday.

What animal can I use?
You can use any breed of lamb, goat or calf, so long as the animal is born on or after the following dates;  Calf - on or after the 20th of July.  Lambs and Goats - on or after the 1st of August.  Only chickens purchased from Kaimai School in term 2 are eligible to be entered.  This is to ensure all chickens are the same age.

What is a Granny Jane Jar?
This is a glass jar (such as an empty, clean jam jar) with approximately $2 to $3 worth of items in the jar.  Most people place lollies in the jars, but some put in stickers, coloured pencils and some even put in money.  The jar is sealed (with a lid, or coloured paper, etc) and are handed out on Calf Club day to students who purchase them.  We try to get every family to bring at least one Granny Jane Jar by the first Friday of term 4.  Most people choose to make more than one.  These are very popular with the students so it may be useful to get your child to help prepare the jars.

Does my child have to have an animal or indoor exhibit?
No, this is not compulsory.  However, rearing an animal is a great way for your child to learn many virtues such as responsibility, empathy, reliability and excellence.  Preparing indoor exhibits during the term 3 break is a great way to keep your child busy, plus it is a fun way to spend time with your child.

What opportunities are there for pre-school children or children that do not have an 'offical' pet?
Our Pet Parade is when school and pre-school  children can walk (or carry) their pet in the show ring on Calf Club day.   There will be certificates awarded to those children that participate.  The children can also take in an older sibling, or parent, to help them and they may like to even use their older siblings pet too.  Any pet of whatever variety is welcome, however no dogs or cats please.This is all about just giving our young Kaimai children or children who do not have an ‘offical’ animal a chance to participate in Calf Club.

I want to help out but am unsure what to do.
Please contact the school office.  The Kaimai PTA always need a hand and there are plenty of things that you could do.  These could vary from helping out on a stall during the day, selling raffle tickets at your work or even picking up some items on your way home from town.

How does the point system work?
Calf, Lamb and Goat
Points are allocated in the Senior (Year 5 to Year 8) and Junior (Year 1 to Year 4) sections.
Lead, Call and Follow – 1st 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points,
Child Effort – 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point
These points are then totaled to determine who is awarded Champion (additional 5 points), Reserve Champion (additional 4 points), First Place (additional 3 points) Second Place (additional 2 points) and Third Place (additional 1 point).

Points are allocated in the Senior (Year 5 to Year 8) and Junior (Year 1 to Year 4) sections.
Placing Points 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point
The winners of the Junior and Senior chickens are then judged to determine the Champion (5 points) and Reserve Champion (4 points).

Hanging Basket
Points are allocated in the Senior (Year 5 to Year 8) and Junior (Year 1 to Year 4) sections.
Placing Points 1st 3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point
The winners of the Junior and Senior hanging baskets are then judged to determine the Champion (5 points) and Reserve Champion (4 points).

Students are awarded points for placing’s, they are as follows; High Distininction (4 points), Distiniction (3 points), Merit (2 points)

How Are Prizes Awarded?
Participation ribbons are given to all students who are not placed in the outdoor exhibits, there are also ribbons given to students in the junior and senior categories who have been placed.  Cups/trophies are also awarded to students in the following areas.

Calf:  Champion Calf,  LIC Ribbon
Lamb: Champion Lamb, Junior Lamb, Senior Lamb
Goat: Champion Goat
Chicken: Champion Chicken
Hanging Basket: Champion Basket
Indoor:  WN & PL Birchett Cup for most indoor points,  Murray Roberts Tray for best Fudge.
Overall: Scott Shield for Most Points Overall

Who judges?
Judges for the outdoor exhibits have been selected based on their knowledge of the category they are judging, as well as their experience at judging at Calf Club and Group Day level.

The indoor judges comprise of a member of the community who has a history in judging Calf Club exhibits, a representative from one of the sponsors of Calf Club and a Kaimai PTA member.

Please note that the judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

What is Group Day?
Group Day is held the following Saturday at the Tauranga Race Course.  This is a time for when your child may want to compete against other students from different schools around the Tauranga area.  Only outdoor exhibits can be entered in Group Day, with the judges following very similar criteria to our Calf Club.  If you want to enter Group Day all you have to do is take your animal or hanging basket to the day.  Information is sent out to anyone who is interested.  Just contact the school office.

Where else can I get help?
Talk to your local farmer, they have a wealth of knowledge.  Ask your local farming supplies store (such as Farmlands).  Do some Googling, or just come on into school and ask at the school office.

Are you the teacher we are looking for?  Due to roll growth, the Kaimai School BoT will be opening a fifth classroom at the beginning of term 3, 2017.  This classroom will be made up of Year 3 and 4 students with a class size of approximately 20 students.  The successful candidate will work with the teachers of Room 2 and 3 to ensure the transition is successful for themselves, the students and whānau.  At Kaimai School we are investigating how play can enhance student learning and welcome innovative teachers who base their practice on sound research and best practice.

Please click here for the Application Pack and here for Personal Details Document.
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