Stationery Lists for 2016

Welcome to a new year, we hope that you had a great Christmas and are enjoying the summer.  Below are the stationery lists for each Room for 2016.  This year we are also teaming up with Office Products Depot to try and make shopping easier for you.  If you go to Office Products at 20 Christopher Street (behind McDonalds on 11th Ave) you can pick up a pre-made pack, just tell the staff member your child's school and room number, e.g. 'Kaimai School, Room 1'.  Should you prefer to purchase the stationery items elsewhere, that is fine.

Room 1 Stationery List (Year 1 students)
Room 2 Stationery List (Year 2 and 3 students)
Room 3 Stationery List (Year 4 and 5 students)
Room 4 Stationery List (Year 6 to 8 students)

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