Ruma Tui

Welcome to Ruma Tui, Kaimai School’s year 4-5 class.  We are a lovely, kind and caring class that treats people with respect.  This is us!

Troy – legendary

Cody – loves fishing

Layla – loves animals

Isabelle – loves puppies

Jade –  great rider

Daz – device king

Cole – loves Sushi

Stella – loves kittens

Harlin – parkour master

Kaydin – creative as

Charlotte – ideas queen

Grace – KFC burgers!!!

Mackenzie – welcoming to new people

Kayla – wonderful friend

Braxton – motorbike rider

Iris – horse lover

Daisy- brave and kind

Blake – loves gaming

Cohen – sportsman extraordinaire

Whaea Natalia – friendly and a great teacher

Ms Sperring – kind and caring


See you soon 🙂

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