This term the students in Ruma Tui have been working on their descriptive writing.  Here is a brilliant example from Stella Payne.



When I woke up on christmas morning I ran to my stocking. It is red and green with my name and address on it.  When I looked in my red and green stocking I saw some presents. I reached out to one present and took it out. It was a perfectly wrapped present. The wrapping paper was red with white words that say merry christmas. I opened it “wow ” I said. “It’s a diffuser” when it’s was  time to open presents from under the tree I got a letter from popa richard. I opened it. As soon as i saw it i ran straight to my popa and gave him a big hug. I had got one hundred dollars! Next I opened my present under the tree. It’s a scooter with lights on the side. I had to build it though. It was awesome.

At dinner time we had christmas ham and yummy chocolate santas. For our drinks we had grape juice it was delicious. Hearing the yummy chocolate santas breaking when you chew them down top to bottom hat to boots. To taste the yummy christmas ham as i chew chew chew. The yummy grape juice sparkling in my mouth ready to be swallowed and digested.

When it’s Christmas I go to taranaki to visit popa richard and his house mate. I don’t know her real name but i just call her ginny. I also get to see my friends Isabelle and Jade. Santa is my favourite one to see he comes and gives us presents at night. We get sneaky photos every year. It’s really exciting so I can’t sleep.

It’s amazing.

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