The Chair’s Take Action!

Ruru’s chairs decided that they had had enough if being mistreated and went on strike!

We spent the morning deciding how we could persuade the chairs to come back. We used our knowledge of the blue De Bono hat to evaluate the chair’s feelings and see things from their point of view. We then used the yellow De Bono hat to create some suggestions and make a plan on how we could better treat the chair’s and meet their demands.

The students were pretty sure they could cope without the chairs and didn’t think they need to convince them but by the start of  morning tea time everyone was starting to get sore knees and backs from standing or sitting on the ground.

We planned our letters and began to write our drafts – this is our first piece of persuasive writing!

To stop the chairs strike.

Greetings and welcome to this conversation, Chairs. I think our class agrees, you should come off strike.

Firstly, you should be cleaned. Just like humans, you need cleaning. Once a day, once a week, you choose.

Secondly, you support our muscles. Since there are quite a few people in this class with muscle pains, they need you so that they can relax their muscles.

Thirdly, you shouldn’t be stood on. I don’t know what to say about this because chairs shouldn’t be stood on overall.

Honestly, I think you should be more well respected.

From Æsir.



Hola, mucho gusto Chairs, i think you should come back. My back hurts!

You help our backs. There are many students in our class that suffer from bad posture and without you they are vulnerable to back pains.

We promise we’ll clean you. We will ensure that you get cleaned once a week and we will stop drawing on and marking you.

You are essential to the class. We need you to make the class look perfect.

Please come back. Without you the class feels incomplete. Please, my back hurts!

From Korban Tuck.


We all have a new appreciation for the chairs and see the value they have in the classroom for not only comfort but for our ability to learn. Luckily we were all able to write a pervasive letter which the chairs accepted!

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