A Fabulous Day For The Elms Trip!

This term Tui and Kiwi continue to focus on ‘Living Sustainably’, and it was so interesting to take a step back in time to see how people lived in the past and compare it to how we live now. In the 1800’s they lived much more sustainably than we do now, although it did all look like very hard work!

The clothing worn then was mainly good quality cotton and wool, which would have  lasted a very long time; whereas nowadays  we wear more synthetic materials that may only last for a season before ending in up in landfill.

The children had a great time visiting the dairy, washhouse, whare, chapel, library, main house and gardens.  We finished with  a picnic and games on the lawn ( all of which were made from sustainable resources like wood and rope).

Thank you to the staff, tour guides, Graham (our bus driver) and the parent helpers who enabled us to have a fabulous day!


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