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After the trip to the Elms, Tui have been learning about the history behind the battle of Gate Pa.

Here is a piece of writing from Layla


Battle of Gate Pa

By Layla – Ruma Tui

Mr Brown wanted a bit of land so he looked and looked and then he saw a piece of land. He imagined a big house with a lovely library and some kids running in the backyard. So he bought it off the Christian Society. Mr Brown began  building a white house with beautiful flowers on the side. He began to plant some medicine trees and he bought thousands of crushed seashells picked off the beach. After all that he got a library. Then he set  a goal for himself: the goal was to make the Maori believe in Christ. 

He set up a dinner with the British but the British were going to attack the Maori. Mr Brown was very sad when he found out. The next morning he heard a big boom, he went upstairs and looked out the window. He saw the Imperial Troops but no Maori. He began to worry, the Maori never gave up so fast he thought.

Mr Brown got a smile on his face as he saw the Maori Warriors pop up camouflaged. Through the element of surprise they won the battle.

“Help! Help!” a voice cried out,” water aaahhh.” Mr Brown got his telescope and saw Heni, a Maori Woman from Gate Pa, give a British soldier some water. Mr Brown was very happy with the Christian good deed. He had taught her well.


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