Kea is Learning… about Learning

In Kea, we have started the term off with exploring some ideas about how we learn best. We brainstormed all the things that make it easier or harder for us to learn in our classroom and then decided which things we all agreed on. From there, we came up with the following expectations for our learning environment. It was great to see most of the students in Kea thinking about what we can do together to help everyone achieve their learning goals.

Kea’s Learning Environment Expectations

In Kea, I will keep a quiet/sensible noise level so that we can all learn.

The way I talk and behave in our learning environment impacts the learning of my classmates. 

In our learning environment I will move around the room sensibly and quietly

In Kea, everyone has different learning goals. I need to focus on my own learning goals, and be supportive of my classmates as they strive to achieve theirs. 

In Kea I will share my ideas with my teacher and my classmates. I want to have a say in my learning. 

I understand that I need opportunities to learn by myself, and as part of a group. They are both really important for my development. 

Our learning environment is a place to focus on my own journey. I will joke around and chat with my friends about other stuff at break times. I understand that gossiping during class time is distracting for myself and others around me. 

I understand that, sometimes, learning can feel hard and overwhelming. This is a normal part of growing my brain and gaining new skills and knowledge. 

I know that I need to be organised with all my belongings (books, pens etc) so that I can use my learning time wisely.

I understand that it is my responsibility to use class time wisely. If I am not ready to learn for any reason, I will take appropriate action to change my mindset so that I am ready to learn. 

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