Sustainable Art Challenge Winners!

We are so proud to have won the team category of the Sustainable Art Challenge @ Baycourt on Sunday 25th July.
Becky Jopson was our stunning model. We won $500 for the school. Go Kaimai!
Here is the design information from everyone involved:

Our Sustainable Art Piece is called  ‘Fantail Freedom’ because we care about nature and the planet. After learning about landfill waste we started to think about how we could make a change in our environment. We collected our rubbish.

Kaimai School’s design includes a collection of soft plastic scrunchies from our lunch boxes  rescued from landfill.

After our visit to The Elms this term, we decided to include fashion ideas from the mid 1800’s. We learnt about how during this era, clothing was made from natural materials like cotton and wool, which were sustainable and would have lasted for a long time. Unfortunately we now live in a fast fashion society, often wearing unethically sourced, synthetic materials like nylon, which may only last for a season before ending up in landfill.

We have included all of the materials given to us in the following ways:

We made the top by turning the track pant bottoms upside down. There is a feathery fantail neckline made from the purple shimmery cloth and the yellow part of the tracksuit top.

The stripey material was added for side panels and also added to the fantail wings.The big sheet was used to make a skirt which trails at the back and includes our feathery fantail idea. The feathers were made from the track suit top and the beige patterned material.We ironed, glued and stitched our soft plastic onto the skirt. We were surprised and a bit sad that we could cover the skirt in just one week.

We soaked the patterned beige material in beeswax and pleated it to make an 18th century fan style collar.

We finished the costume with a bag designed in the style of a ‘Miser’s Purse’ from the same era. We think Charlotte Brown, who lived at The Elms might have carried a purse like this.

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