The Seaside

Ruru has been working hard on narratives. We have been spending time everyday improving our skills and expanding our story telling. Today, we started our session by working through blether stations that required us to identify and correct punctuation and capital letters in a range of sentences. A basic skill, but one that we are constantly keeping in the front of our mind.

We then completed a 15 minute quick write with the prompt: The Seaside.

The sound of splashing waves and seagulls chirping on their way past, I thought to myself, “peace at last”.

The ocean is lovely and graceful, although I couldn’t get over my fear of it. Just thinking of what’s underneath you and how far it goes, but someone very special to me helped with that.

Alex William, my best friend in the whole world, he was a surfer and was attacked by a shark. He died in the hospital minutes later, the one thing that reminded me of him was the sea. After he passed I tried something crazy.

My fear of the ocean is insane, I won’t even touch the water but for Alex I went in for the first time in 5 years. Sweat dripped down my body. I was so glad I did that.

Layla Tuck, Year 7, Kaimai School, 2022


“Ugh Emily, did you leave the washing outside?!” yelled Emma from upstairs. Her voice was hard to hear over the strong blasts of the wind that blew outside. “Yes! I’ll get it” I said, “after I close the door” I yelled in anger. I pushed and shoved the door but it wouldn’t close.

After a lot of trying, the door had shut. I ran down stairs and raced to the front porch. There was the washing blowing in the wind. I gazed at the once beautiful seaside that was now a tornado of sand powerful flying sea.

The waves flew up then smashed down onto the sand, I look back at the washing that was blowing into the ocean. I ran to get it.

That was the last time anyone saw Emily Tyler.

Brydee Hammond-Hume, Year 7, Kaimai School, 2022


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