Matariki Celebrations!

This Thursday Kaimai School held their Matariki celebrations. The classes all participated in a rotation of different Matariki arts and crafts activities. Students teamed up into their house groups and visited different activities. It was [...]

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Be a Rainbow in Somebody’s Cloud

Ruma Tui are thinking about how they treat other people. During the week we watched this wonderful video of Maya Angelou, who has inspired us to be a rainbow in somebody's cloud and to remember [...]

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Special guest in Kea

On the 2nd of June Kea had a special guest come to spend some time in our classroom. It was so fun for everyone to meet Kaitlyn's dog, Honey. Needless to say, she was a [...]

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Ruma Tui writing

After the trip to the Elms, Tui have been learning about the history behind the battle of Gate Pa. Here is a piece of writing from Layla   Battle of Gate Pa By Layla - [...]

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Spanish with Mr Tills

Ruru is lucky enough to have Mr Tills as a student teacher every Thursday! He has been taking Spanish lessons with the class every week and the students have been loving it.   This week [...]

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Cross country!

Kaimai School had an awesome time running the cross country course on the 4th of June. The weather was sunny and students and whanau members were all keen to get involved. There were plenty of [...]

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Cross Country Day

Ruma Kiwi did a great job today as they worked hard to complete the Kaimai School Cross Country. Everyone finished beaming with pride and it was lovely to get hugs from Mrs Honeyfield and Hugo. [...]

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Autumn Inspired Art

Ruru have been working hard on their Autumn inspired art. The students were given creative freedom which has resulted in a variety of pieces. Some used paint, some used leaves and some even used the [...]

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