Tick Tock

Kiwi are learning about Time in Maths this term.  A challenge completed this week, was to estimate how many times they could complete a task in a minute. After recording their estimations, they set about [...]

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Getting Arty in Kea

Kea have been really enjoying getting to know our student teacher, Whaea Gemma. She has been teaching art lessons, focussing on the works of Vincent van Gogh. Students chose from a small selection of paintings [...]

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Rogue’s Gallery

Ruma Kiwi's cute and creative portrait art depicting all of their favourite things from lockdown 2021; created with dyes, pastels and modge podge   -  such fun!

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Delightful Dioramas – Calf Club 2021

Can you spot the native creatures and insects we have being learning about inside our dioramas? If you look carefully, you might see a Kiwi, Morepork, Giant Snail or Tuatara hiding in the bush!

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Tidy Kiwi’s Trip To Mclaren Falls Park

What a lovely sunny morning playing, picnicking and walking with Abbie the Park Ranger to the Waterfall. This term we have been learning about the creatures and insects that belong to our New Zealand native [...]

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Calf club

Its that time of year again and we are full on preparing our exhibits.   Lots of mess, paint, glue, imagination, satisfaction and pride are on display.  I'm looking forward to the finished products.         

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We are back!

It has been really nice to have our class back together after the lockdown. We have spent the last week getting back into the swing of things. It has been a rainy week filled with [...]

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Kia Atawhai- Be Kind

Poetry has been the name of the game in Ruma Tui lately as part of our Kotahitanga Unit.  A list poem detailing who we need to be kind to and some found poems based on [...]

By |2021-08-13T15:23:03+00:0013th August 2021|Ruma Tui|Comments Off on Kia Atawhai- Be Kind
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