Monday House Hui!

We enjoyed a fun afternoon on Monday getting together with our house groups. Each house has been given a value to portray in a creative way. Kowhai had been given the value of joyfulness and [...]

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Enjoying the Outdoors

Ruru has been so lucky to have Mrs B with us on Thursdays. Every Thursday she has been taking the class outside to enjoy the fresh air and listen to a different picture book with [...]

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Exploring Colour Mixing

We have been exploring colour mixing with paints.  We worked in a team to fill ALL the paper by making explosions.  We used the primary colours red, blue and yellow.  We mixed and made orange, [...]

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Getting Crafty

We've had a few children missing this week, so we spent the afternoons making stuff! We had some great marble runs, some beautifully decorated masks, some pockets sewn and a group of students explored knitting [...]

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Boat Day

Here are a few photos to share of our fabulous Boat Day, Kereru kids. The boats were so inventive.  Great ideas and so much fun.

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Reid’s Speedboat

  Reid showed us his speedboat.  Reid asked if he could use it in the school pool.  He let Kingsley, Lakin and Stone have a turn too as they were not swimming today.  They all [...]

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Food Science

To finish the term off we are looking at the food we eat.  We have started off with some food science -  making some jelly and whipping some cream.  We learned lots of vocab, and [...]

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Ruma Tui are really pleased to have the musical instruments out and ready to use.  We have been enjoying playing the marimbas, xylophones and glockenspiels, managing to create some 4 part harmonies in [...]

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  Swimming is fun,  we choose animals and machines.  Daisy loves us being a Puffin.  Tilly wants us to be penquins.  Kingsley always chooses a shark with a dorsel fin.  Hamish wants us to be [...]

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Wilson’s Visit

Wilson came to visit us with Mrs Harris.  We all sat very quietly so Wilson was not scared.  When we patted him his fur felt so soft.  Thank you for making our day we loved [...]

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