Kea Update

Kea kids have had a full on week of learning!  However, it has been a bit strange having only ten children in class. The highlight of our week has been beginning our work on report [...]

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Team Building with Kiwi Can

This term in our Kiwi Can sessions, Ruru has been focusing on team building challenges that teach us about the importance of communication and good leadership. One of the more fun challenges was working as [...]

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K is for Kiwi

Ruma Kiwi are continuing to learn to work collaboratively and listen to each other as they complete problem-solving activities. Today we made shapes and letters outside (using themselves as the resource). It was great to [...]

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treehouse art

Ruma Tui are creating some mixed media artworks - this time focused on Treehouses.  They are thinking carefully about the different layers they need to create their work.  So far we have just thought about [...]

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Busy Start to the New Year

Hello everyone.  Ruma Kereru have been very busy over the past few weeks.  We have been getting to know each other and connect with old friends and making new ones.  The photos show all the [...]

By |2022-02-25T16:16:47+00:0025th February 2022|Ruma Kereru|Comments Off on Busy Start to the New Year

Maths Madness!

Ruru has been hard at work trying out new maths activities and strategies. This week we got into mixed ability groups and worked our way through 5 different rotations. The reason we mixed our group [...]

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Finding our way in 2022

The first week back has been fun for Ruma Tui, we have spent as much time outside as we can.   Our overall topic is 'Our Place', and in maths this has involved learning about compass [...]

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Welcome to Ruru 2022!

Ruru has been off to a strong start this year! We have embraced the new red level restrictions and are making the most of our beautiful school grounds. We have started a new fitness program [...]

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