Kiwi Can

Students in Rūma Kea have had a really neat Kiwi Can session today all about responsibility. They brainstormed in groups to come up with examples of the ways we show responsibility at school and at [...]

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Writing in Kea

Ruma Kea had a fantastic first week back to school. I am really enjoying getting to know all the students. How lucky are we to start the term off in a brand new classroom!? As [...]

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Kaimai Kids Cafe

Kaimai Kids Cafe We have a group of students who have a dream of creating their own cafe one day.  In order to help with their passion for food we have been learning about how [...]

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Our New Room

Our New Room Yay!  Ruma Kea are super excited to finally be in their new learning space.  It was fun watching this building being built before our eyes, but even better to be able to [...]

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We Are Artists

We Are Artists! The students of Ruma Kea love to draw. They are developing their skills by learning how to do pencil sketches, follow step by step drawing instructions and creating artwork using their own [...]

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Ruma Kea

Kia ora Everyone,   Our Kaimai Values are important to us.   Ruma Kea are enjoying Term 1 2021 We are so proud of our girls cricket team who won us a Kiwi Cricket Set [...]

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Welcome to Ruma Kea!

Welcome to Ruma Kea! We are Ruma Kea, a Year 5 and 6 class made up of 12 girls and 9 boys. We are a cheerful group of students from the Kaimais keenly awaiting our [...]

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