Aliens are exploring the Solar System

This term Ruma Kiwi are exploring the Solar System. Everyone has created their own alien, who will visit each planet to collect data to share back in the form of a paper mache mobile. We [...]

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This week Kiwi demonstrated excellent communication skills, as they problem-solved and made decisions collaboratively to build a hut. The finished result of this was an amazing shelter to play and have fun in together  - [...]

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# Save our sharks campaign

Kiwi are supporting Kiwi Kids Conservation Club and Forest and Bird, in sticking up for our sharks! They are getting hurt (sometimes killed) by commercial fishers, and they don’t need to be.       [...]

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K is for Kiwi

Ruma Kiwi are continuing to learn to work collaboratively and listen to each other as they complete problem-solving activities. Today we made shapes and letters outside (using themselves as the resource). It was great to [...]

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Hamilton Zoo Virtual Tour  Kiwi are learning about conservation, so we explored Hamilton Zoo virtually with the Zoo Keeper to find out more. The children prepared lots of questions to ask, which will help them with their Ted [...]

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