Maker maths

"If you can tell me why its maths, you can do it!"  measurement, statistics, geometry were all part of todays maker math session.         IMG     v_1835

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Calf club

Its that time of year again and we are full on preparing our exhibits.   Lots of mess, paint, glue, imagination, satisfaction and pride are on display.  I'm looking forward to the finished products.         

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Kia Atawhai- Be Kind

Poetry has been the name of the game in Ruma Tui lately as part of our Kotahitanga Unit.  A list poem detailing who we need to be kind to and some found poems based on [...]

By |2021-08-13T15:23:03+00:0013th August 2021|Ruma Tui|Comments Off on Kia Atawhai- Be Kind
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