Autumn Fun

We are loving the beautiful Autumn weather. We made snow angels in our leaves.  Here are our new students Kekoa and Ben . Here is Hydie with her new hair style. So much fun in [...]

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Going on an Autumn Walk

This week we went on an Autumn Walk. We went past the Kaimai sun with our values in Maori.   We went across the road.  We looked carefully both ways and crossed smartly.   We [...]

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Monday Hui 10th May

Good morning everyone. At today's hui we talked about Growth and learning. We are going to be collecting 'student voice' around learning in the classrooms and how that learning is relevant and helpful to the [...]

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Autumn Is Here

Have you seen the beautiful trees at Kaimai School.  The colours of the falling leaves are just beautiful. This week Ruma Kereru began learning about the seasons with a focus on autumn. We went outside [...]

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Baking ANZAC Biscuits

In Ruma Kereru we learnt a lot about what ANZAC Day meant to Australian and New Zealanders.  On was that the woman left at home would bake ANZAC biscuit and send them to their loved [...]

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