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New Entrant

Sending a child to school (even if it is not the first one) is a very special moment for most parents. The experience is different every time, because children are all different. We trust your child will be very happy at Kaimai School. Please read over the following information to help make the transition to school a positive one for your child.


You are welcome to enroll your child at any stage prior to their fifth birthday.  We would appreciate having enrolment forms completed on the day of the pre-entry visit that you attend.  This will enable the teacher to have everything ready for your child’s first day at school.


Pre-schoolers usually attend their school visits the 2 weeks before they turn 5. School visits are arranged with the school office or Room 1, (Ruma Kereru) teacher and usually run from 8.40am until interval. For your child’s school visit, they may want to have a healthy snack and a water bottle so as they can join in the interval activities.

These visits provide the opportunity for children to familiarise themselves with the school and classroom environment, begin to understand classroom routines and expectations and get to know the other students.

A parent or caregiver must accompany each child to the New Entrant visit and remain with the child throughout the morning. This will enable you to support your child in their transition to school as well as providing an opportunity for the teacher to explain class organisation in greater detail. Unfortunately, we are not able to cater for younger brothers or sisters. We would ask you to make alternative arrangements for their care.

What You Can Do to Help

Things you can do to help them prior to starting (and after)

  • Talk to your child about starting school where he/she will meet new friends, play games, sing and make things

  • Help him/her to learn to put on their own shoes and do them up

  • Buy clothes and shoes that are easy to manage

  • Label all possessions

  • Give them duties to perform around the home which will require simple directions – this will help with confidence

  • Teach your child to put things away after using them

  • Read to them regularly in order to develop their attention span

  • Encourage them when work is brought home

  • Send them to school on time each and every day

  • Select stories to share

  • Discourage your child from bringing toys (or any other valuable) item to school – we cannot take responsibility for it

  • Use lower case letters when writing for or with your child

  • Discuss any concerns with the classroom teacher

What Will My Child Learn?

In the first year, your child’s learning will focus mostly on the Key Competencies: Thinking, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Relating to Others, and Using Language, Symbols and Text.

As part of the Using Language, Symbols and Text competencies students focus on the learning areas of literacy and numeracy where they cover learning experiences such as:


  • Learning the alphabet

  • Identifying letters and sounds (Using the Jolly Phonics programme)

  • Identifying and reading essential words

  • Reading and creating simple sentences that form simple stories

  • Exploring different varieties of visual language

  • Reading for meaning and understanding.

  • Handwriting – directionality, correct letter formation


  • Counting (1 – 10) and understanding the difference between these numbers

  • Solving simple addition and subtraction problems

  • Sorting shapes by a feature

  • Examining simple statistical data

  • Recognising and creating patterns

  • Describing positions (first, last, up, down)

The School Bag

Your child’s bag needs to be big enough to carry

  • Reading folder

  • Lunch box

  • Drink bottle

  • Swimming togs and towel

  • A pair of shoes Sweatshirt

  • Library book Home Learning

Things We Require from You When You Enroll Your Child

As part of the Ministry of Education’s requirements we need a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunisation certificate and any other relevant information regarding health and welfare. E.g. asthma plan, custody papers.  We also need contact phone numbers in case of an emergency and your family doctor’s details.


Your child will come home with their Sharing at Home Book, this contains any notices and is a way to quickly communicate with the classroom teacher. Your child will also have their book bag which will contain reading books. More information around homework is outlined in our Homework brochures which is available from the school office


New Entrant stationery packs are available from Bay Office Products Depot.  Or alternatively the office can give you a list and you can collect this from Warehouse Stationery or a place of your own choice.

First Day

New entrants finish school at 2.40 pm from their first day at school. Should you find that your child is becoming very tired in the first month of school you are welcome to make arrangements with the teacher to collect them a little earlier until they have adjusted to school routines.
We are looking forward to having your child at Kaimai School and look forward to a long and happy association with you.

Please report to the School Office before taking your child to the classroom